Lottery Stats

Lottery Statistics

Lottery Statistics

This side presents Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball and Set For Life lottery statistics. The statistics contain every draw from the very beginning of each lottery game to these days. UK Lotto game started at 19th November 1994. EuroMillions draws have been kept since 13th February 2004. Thunderball started at 12th June 1999, finally Set For Life game began at 18th March 2019.

Number Frequency

The number frequency statistics show which numbers have been drawn the most and less frequently. The frequently statistics contain every draw from the very beginning of the games to these days.

There are lottery games where the range of balls has changed since the beginning of the game. Where this is the case, you can choose draw interval, or see the frequency statistics of all draws together.

Most Overdue Numbers

The statistics show that sooner or later every number gets drawn. The most overdue numbers are those which have not been drawn for a long time. These numbers have a great chance to appear in the upcoming results.

The lottery numbers are listed at these pages, and ordered by their last draw dates. The most overdue numbers are at the top of the list. The numbers of the result of the last draw are at the bottom of the list.


The results pages show the draw history and prize breakdowns within the last 180 days. You can check here whether you are a winner.

The draw results are published here usually within one hour after the results available.

Results Checker

Have your selected numbers ever won in the past? You can check it by the result checker. It looks for matches from the very beginning of the games.