Lotto Results Checker

Lotto Results Checker

Last update: 2024.02.21

Have your selected Lotto numbers ever won in the past? You can check it by the result checker. It looks for matches from the very beginning of the Lotto game (19th November 1994).

You can enter your numbers in any order and separate them with any character. 6 numbers have to be entered, and they have to be between 1 and 59. You can narrow down the result list by the at least matches selector.

Enter your selected numbers above, and press the Search button. Furthermore you cannot only check whether there was a jackpot with a given number combination, but checking whether there was any price in the past. Good luck!

More Lotto Statistics

We have other statistics for you to help choosing numbers. On the Lotto Number Frequency page you can see which numbers have been drawn the most and less frequently.

On the Most Overdue Lotto Numbers page you can see which numbers have not been drawn for a long while. There is a big chance, that one or more numbers from these ones will appear in the next results.