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Number Frequency

Number Frequency

There are many strategies for filling out a lottery ticket. Most people pick their favourite numbers, those are related to something. For instance, a birth date or a number plate converted to one or two digits, but another typical example is the number of a locker. Some people believe that the numbers have to be picked by a certain layout on the lottery ticket. For example, the numbers cannot be to close to each other, or only picked from a certain part of the ticket. Since there is no certainly working strategy for winning the jackpot because each number combination have the same chance at every draw, so we can not say that one method is better than the other. At the same time, a self-aware soldier of fortune might be wondering, whether a given number is worth to be picked or not. In such case, it can be interesting to know how frequently has been drawn that number.

What Can We Read from the Frequencies Statistics?

The Frequency Statistics show that some numbers are drawn more frequently than others. It can be also seen that there is a relative big difference between the most and the least frequently drawn numbers. The frequently statistics contain every draw from the very beginning of the each game to these days. There are lottery games where the range of balls has changed since the beginning of the game. Where this is the case, you can choose draw interval, or see the frequency statistics of all draws together.

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In view of the frequency statistics, there are various logics to choose some numbers to the lottery ticket. For example, if a number is among the most commonly drawn numbers, then we can expect it will be drawn again soon. At the same time, others may think, if a number is among the least often drawn numbers, and according to the statistics the frequency of each number tend to be same compared to the other numbers, then this number has a bigger chance to appear in the next results.

With the help of these conceptions, we can hit one or two numbers at the next draws, but unfortunately a combination of numbers has to match at a given drawn, and not only one or two numbers during several draws. In any case, maybe our chances get somewhat improved, if we pick numbers knowingly.