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Most Overdue Numbers

Most Overdue Numbers

Anybody would be glad, if once in a lifetime he or she would know that, which numbers will be drawn in the next lottery game. Unfortunately, there is no statistics or a method for finding this out, but the most overdue numbers could give some source.

How it Works?

We have ordered lists of the numbers. (You can access them by the buttons below.) The number at the top of the list is the one that has not been drawn for the longest while. The bottom ones are the recently drawn numbers. These are actually the result of the last draw. Every number gets drawn regularly, so the numbers get to the bottom of the list regularly, and start ascending from there, until they get drawn again.

If we select numbers from the top of the list to our tickets, we have a big chance for some matches in the upcoming results. Obviously, we still need luck because this method only helps to hit some numbers sometimes. However, this improves our chances.

There is little likelihood of drawing all numbers together from the top of the list, but mathematically, there is a chance just as drawing all numbers together from the bottom of the list. The latter case means the same numbers would be drawn again like at the previous draw. The observations indicate this does not happen, and we can have some success, if we select some numbers from the top part of the list.

Unfortunately, the fortune cannot be bypassed in lottery, we can only try to hit the jackpot. Maybe there is only one certain rule in lottery: if we don’t play it, we won’t win it.

You can view the Most Overdue Numbers Statistics by games by the below buttons.