Set For Life

About Set For Life

About Set For Life

Set For Life is the National Lottery’s annuity game, and it offers the chance to win £10,000 every month for 30 years. Set For Life started on 18th March 2019.

How to play Set For Life

To play Set For Life, you have to select 5 main numbers and a Life Ball. The main numbers are between 1 and 47, the Life Ball is between 1 and 10. You hit the jackpot, if your 5 main numbers and your selected Life Ball gets drawn. To win the minimum prize, you need to have at least two main number matches.

Set For Life draws are held every Monday and Thursday evenings, at about 8:00 pm.

Odds of Winning and Prize Breakdown

Set For Life prizes are fixed. It doesn’t matter how much winner tickets are in a draw, they all win the same prize every time. The highest prize is £10,000 per month for 30 years in every draw. So if there is more than one winner in a draw, they will all receive £10,000 per month for 30 years.

Match Odds of Winning Prize
5 + 1 1 in 15,339,390 £10,000 per month for 30 years
5 1 in 1,704,377 £10,000 per month for a year
4 + 1 1 in 73,045 £250
4 1 in 8,116 £50
3 + 1 1 in 1,782 £30
3 1 in 198 £20
2 + 1 1 in 134 £10
2 1 in 15 £5

How to Improve My Chances of Winning the Set For Life Jackpot

We have some tips for increasing your chances of winning the Set For Life jackpot. You can examine which Set For Life numbers have been drawn the most and the least frequently on the Set For Life Number Frequency page.

Another useful statistics can be the Most Overdue Set For Life Numbers page.

Also improves your chances if you play combinations that have not been drawn before. You can check on the Set For Life Results Checker page whether you number combination have ever hit the jackpot